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LaborNet Japan
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「レイバーネット日本」は、日本において労働者のたたかいを重視しながら、労働運動 にかかわる情報ネットワークをつくります。海外にも日本の労働運動を紹介するとともに、 海外の労働者のたたかいを日本に紹介します。インターネットを活用した労働運動の前進 に貢献します。「レイバーネット日本」は、労働運動の発展を願うすべての人に開かれたネ ットワークであり、個人の自律性・自主性によって運営される参加型の組織です。

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◆ 善政資料館サーチエンジン

Marxist Internet Archive
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We are a volunteer based non-profit organisation, with the purpose of educating people around the world about Marxism. Over the past 15 years we have continued to grow and expand a large digital library about Marxism and all things related to it -- a depth of material that can seem a little daunting for the first time viewer!

Leftist Parties of the World
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This page contains the entire spectrum of political parties, organizations and groups which consider themselves to be leftist or have origins in leftist movements. You will find democratic socialists and reform communists as well as social democratic and green parties, traditional communists, marxists-leninists of stalinist or maoist persuasions, the tendencies of trotskyism, left communists, guerrilla organizations, leftist movements struggling for national or ethnic liberation or for regional autonomy, the different currents of anarchism, alliances with leftist participation and parties outside of these categories.