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No.1296/March.5, 2017
They got the state-owned land worth one billion yen by just 2 million yen
-- The never-permitted power crime by the government and the state<
 The extraordinary scandal around Primary minister Abe broke out. Moritomo Gakuen, a private school in Osaka, in which Mrs. Akie, Abe's Wife was in the position of a honory headmaster and Abe supported that school, in fact, got the state-owned land worth one billion yen by just 2 million yen. This is a power crime complicatedly involved the Abe administration, politicians of the LDP, and high-ranking officials. We shouldn't overlook this huge evil and crime by Abe and his supporters.

[Editorial]: The special law on living succession seems to become reality -- by the collaboration between an administration party and 9 oppositon parties
Where are the U.S.A. and the World going to?
-- The administrative policy speech by Trump

No.1295/Feb.19, 2017
The "economic diplomacy" of Trump
-- Doesn't it result in the disturbance and dismantling of the world political economy?

 The irrelevant and stupid things with ignoring the rationality of the capitalist and economic law appear in the world at a stretch with the Trump government, and it embarrasses and disgusts people all over the world. Trump seems to perceive protecting the industry and "employment" of the United States as his supreme task and duty, and promote the protectionism and his own country first policy. He is convinced that it is possible with cheap tricks and policy haphazardly and behaves so. However, it does not seem that he understands what he is doing. Will the economy of the United States and the world economy be able to keep going without being depressed to chaos and a bog of the disorder under Trump?

[Editorial]: Even the false finance reform fails -- The PB equation in 2020 years is hopeless.
The distributive law in the socialism -- How can it be shown concisely?

No.1294/Feb.5, 2017
[The special topic]: Trump and Abe
Trump is a four-year latecomer of Abe
-- He attacked Japan by targetting the weak yen induction policy in addition to TPP

 Trump, as an advocate of "the United States first", is attacking more and more intensely against "the own country-oriented principles" of the other countries and shaking the bourgeois world. The Abe government does nothing but make excuses, cannot retort squarely and only tries to quibble awkwardly, because Trump points out and reveals a side of the hidden cross-national truth in the bourgeois world. At first Trump blamed that the TPP was advantageous to Japan and disadvantageous to the United States, and left it. Now he turns on a maneuver of the exchange reduction of Japan and targets the easy-money policy of "the different dimension" of the Abe government, a weak yen induction policy. Trump insists noisily that such policies of Japan invited big losses of USA's national interest in the forms of reduction of the American export, the decline & the hollowing out of the domestic industries, the large quantities unemployment of the workers and Japan still continues those policies.

[Editorial]: The degeneration of the United States as the country of "diversity" -- From the USA of Obama to the USA of Trump
Let's participate in the seminar of working people!

No.1293/Jan.22, 2017
The appearance of Trump and the Abe administration
-- The perfectly failing Abenomics

 The Trump regime, which publicly and blatantly shouts "America-first principle" and economic protectionism, was inaugurated. The appearance of Trump declaring NAFTA's review and withdrawal from TPP, charging high tariffs on China, Mexico and even Japan, and attacking their cheap currency policy, reveals the hidden reality of the contradictions, conflicts and selfishness of bourgeois countries, and is introducing the global political and economic relationships in a turbulent state, and is guiding the world history of human beings to the age of crisis twice or thrice. Because just Trump, in other words, the United States of America as the superpower, who accuses other countries' selfishness, is trying to behave more selfishly than anyone, there is no guarantee that the world won't fall into a chaotic shambles, and the reality like the 1930s won't not appear again. Abe remarks flippantly as if the reality will change by using plausible words as usual, such as "the alliance of Japan and the United States is immutable", but unlike with Obama, he will find out that the 'alliance' with arrogant and illicit Trump will be only a subordinate, humiliating and unpleasant alliance or an alliance only under the 'America-first principle'.

[Editorial]: The issue of the Emperor abdication -- We are against a collusive end in the National Assembly, decide by national debate!
What Okinawa-Henoko trial teaches -- The revealed fraud of bourgeois democracy
The great contradiction of the direction to enterprises -- "The job growth" of Trump is an illusion.

No.1292/Jan.8, 2017
A Noh comedy called the "Japan-U.S. settlement" by Abe
-- His visit to Hawaii in order to inveigle Trump

 A new year has come. As if American people were bewitched, the worst man who looks to think about "only the profit of the own country" is going to take office as the President in the United States that is the greatest power in the world, a leader and the central existence of the capitalism, therefore was a direction country of the Pax Americana-- the worldwide bourgeois stability and peace--. The bourgeois world seemed to begin to move towards xenophobia and imperialism, national opposition and turbulence, the times of disputes and wars. Meanwhile, Abe visited Hawaii and, with Obama, showed off the "strongest" Japan-U.S. relationship and gave a demonstration for Trump. Where are vulgar "populism" politics and the wrong diplomacy of Abe going to lead Japanese workers to?

[Editorial]: Abe's delusive acts go unchallenged -- without regarding the Imperial House Act and the Emperor's intention
【The New Year's appeal】
Let's rebuild the new Workers' Party in this year, and let's challenge an election & assembly struggle again!
The summary of the report in the central seminar -- An underconsumption theory of the Japan Communist Party and the extended Reproduktionschema

No.1291/Dec.18, 2016
Does an ogre appear, or does a snake appear?
-- The Japan and Russia talk to tell the future of the Abe Administration and Japan.

 The self-satisfied illusion of Abe to go well about the security treaty & defense relations and the economic relations with the United State by building the personal close relations with Trump had been completely torn before the reality that the "stern" bourgeois imperialism ruled over, but was repeated concerning Russia. The politics of Abe is coming to a deadlock and is not holding good not only within Japan but also in the international stage. The maneuver of Abe who dreamed of the rise of further "approval rating" by exciting the fantasy and ambition of the nationalism of the nation is failing.

[Editorial]: A farce of Abe and Obama -- For what is the "memorial service" in Hawaii?
For the next seminar report
-- 'The underconsumption theory' of the Japan Communist Party and "The Capital" by Marx     (Hiroyoshi Hayashi)

No.1290/Dec.4, 2016
The opening of the Trump era
-- Failing the Abe Administration, the Japan Communist Party and the citizen's group

 A big shock and change or a severe earthquake is going to attack the political economy in the world, as the Trump Administration will start at the very beginning of next year. The whole world shudders with a feeling of the turbulence and is upset and frightened. Of course, the feeling is bad one such as a global economical crisis and deepening of the confusion and national opposition or a sudden fit or the development of dispute. It is because Trump declares to change the world determinedly, emphasizing "the U.S.A. first", and striking the world of past existing political economic relations. And because he is going to push the benefit of America as a standard and principle, without regarding the new national opposition and its development, instead of "the international coordination". The appearance of the coarse, nationalistic and xenophobic, "domestic-oriented" administration in the strongest nation that has played a role of the leader in the world, give people the feeling that the world will enter into the times of turbulence similar from 1930s through 40s again. Where will the world and the human being go to in future?

[Editorial]: The farce of the "experts" hearing -- The issue of the Emperor abdication at Abe's will
The guidance of the central seminar in Tokyo
Dispatching the Self-Defense Forces to the South Sudan -- Under the situation in which both the purpose and the duty are vague and halfway

No.1289/Nov.20, 2016
What the Trump's victory tells us.
-- The system of the capital goes to the times of the historical crisis.

 The presidential election that was said to be the confrontation between hated fellows, and to be the worst and disgusting in the political history in the United States was over. Trump who was considered a fly-by-night candidate at first, rose suddenly to the candidate of the Republican Party against the expectation of many people, and finally overwhelmed Clinton of the Democratic Party even in the real election. The reason why the presidential election that seemed to be a bored farce in the United States changed completely to have a serious meaning historically is that Trump who is demagogic, a coarse bourgeois, and even a racist, won the election contrary to 99% persons' expectations.

[Editorial]: The cause of defeat of Clinton -- The principle of "women first" do not appeal to the workers.
Shii and the opposition party joint struggle of illusion(1).
 -- The fight is not a problem of barter.
Abe proposed a new reason on the annual spring offensive wage increase.
Sankei (The Sankei news paper) justified the "aborigine" remark -- They used sophism and plotted to replace the problem with something else.

No.1288/Nov.6, 2016
The Kuroda led BOJ's "concession speech"
-- The beginning of the bankruptcy of the Abenomics

 At last, Kuroda, the governer of the BoJ, virtually declared the failure and the defeat of his own "monetary easing policy at the level of the different dimension". Kuroda took office as the Governor of the Bank of Japan for the realization of Abenomics by nomination of Abe approximately four years ago. At that time, Kuroda declared confidently together with Abe that he would overcome a so-called "deflation" which was the chronic disease of the Japanese economy in two years, and achieve the price hike of 2%, that is to say, inflation and as a result, enable "a good circulation of the economy" and realize "the economic growth" and "finance reform" not to mention prosperity of the economy. However, as the result of changing the time limit five times in two years, Kuroda raised the white flag in surrender because the root of deflation was too deep to overcome by his "monetary easing". And it will also be clear that the defeat and the surrender of Kuroda mean the failure and the surrender of Abe at the same time, and Abe cannot but follow Kuroda again.

[Editorial]: The opposition parties joint struggle route means the worst dissolutionism of parties -- Raise the flag of the original class struggle of workers highly!
The Asahi Shimbun and others glamorized Takahito
-- The problem erxists in the Emperor system of Japan itself'

No.1287/Oct.23, 2016
A maneuver on the antemortem abdication began.
-- Only for the ambition and convenience of the Abe Administration.

 While the Abe Administration is perplexed at the Emperor having expressed determinedly his intention with an extremely political meaning called the antemortem abdication against the Constitution at the beginning, they start a maneuver to put it well with pacifing and persuading all, that is, the Emperor, and at the same time, the reactionaries of nationalism group and ultranationalism group to persist in to protect the "traditional" Emperor system of Japan , as well as the public opinion of liberalism rather than "the nation". Thus, the Abe group must find out a solution to persuade reactionaries while pretending to respect the intention of the Emperor in the other.

[Editorial]: Long working hours becoming common -- The dreadful reality of the sweated labor
[The seminar of the working people in November]
The TPP discussion began in the Diet -- It maneuvers a block economy with dissembling free trade.'

No.1286/Oct.9, 2016
Prepare for the decisive confrontation with the Abe Administration!
-- The economic policy of Abe & Kuroda toward the failure

 It becomes the extremely important problem how we evaluate "the blanket verification" of the Bank of Japan led by Kloda with the final "verification of Abenomics." Because we are pressed to judge that whethere there are still some kinds of "effect" and merits in the monetary policy (in particular, the new policy) of Kuroda even if it is temporary and superficial, in other words, the Kuroda Bank of Japan and the Abe Administration have still even some leeway to maneuver the life extension of the government by driving illusion of the workers, the peoples, or such an illusion is breaking up noisily and the time is approaching when overthrowing the Abe Administration comes out as a realistic problem. Though Abe prots to gain a landslide victory on the Lower House election by an early dissolution --general election in January theory is circulated somewhere and is drummed-- and to continue the power usurption of the next several years, but we cannot permit such a maneuver of Abe.

[Editorial]: Renho cannot fight against the Abe Administration with mere words. -- The already disassembled Renho's framework and her leadership.
[Advertising]: A new writing of Mr. Hiroyoshi Hayashi, 'the Japane Communist Party and "The Capital"' has been published.
The core issue is a discussion over "extended reproduction" -- An introduction and some commentaries of 'the Japan Communist Party and "The Capital"'

No.1285/Sep.25, 2016
The Bank of Japan finally came to a deadlock
-- "The blanket verification" that is dwarfish and has no contents

 The Bank of Japan announced the childish trick-like "mild framework correction" measures in "the monetary policy decision meeting" in September. The official name is a "qualitative and quantitative monetary easing policy with the long-term interest rate operation(yield curve control)". It is something that seems joking or meaningless. In the lump, "the aim" of realizing 2% price hike in three and a half years as the exit from deflation could't be achived, but it is not due to the policy of the BoJ, but due to to the consumption tax increase and oil prices fall, and foreign economy circumstances aggravation, the BoJ said. If so, why does the BoJ has to revise the monetary policy? On the other hand, saying that the negative interest rate policy was not good, and it takes time to realize 2% of inflation, the BoJ says that it shifts the emphasis to the interest rate policy without serious summing up the quantitative easing policy.

[Editorial]: An American "good tradition" -- The last United Nations speech by Obama
We hope you'll join and support our fight! -- We are going to shift to the party in the next spring and make preparations to the national election

No.1284/Sep.11, 2016
New bogus business called "the Way of Working Reform."
-- Do not permit the power usurpation extension maneuver of Abe.

 When failure of Abenomics becomes clear more and more, Abe who survived the Upper House election by half demagogy called the "acceleration" strengthens a maneuver for the further reinforcement of power and the ambition called long-term government. The main mean is to do business with setting up the signboard that seems to be new in sequence. In other words, he keeps selling pseudo-products and when it almost shows the true character he brings the different pseudo-products on sale and runs the campaign in a great hurry. He is going to swindle the workers and the working people by such a temporizing, vulgar politics. Addibg "the growth policy" and the 100 million total activity society and so on, that Abe sold at a bargain flourishingly, he puts a new inferior product such as "the Way of Working Reform" on sale whether it is its further evolution recently, and is going to pull out the critical consciousness and the tusk of fight from the workers and the working poeple with trying to win their favor.

[Editorial]: Let sleeping dog lie. -- Abe escapes to special measures law for antemortem abdication issue.
The seminar of working persons on September and October
"The total inspection of the different dimension relaxation" of Kuroda -- Monetary easing to come to a deadlock, failure to approach.
[From the workers' fights, from our fights]
Submitting the organization of the workers' political party -- The seminar of the working persons, Shinshu

No.1283/Aug.28, 2016
The SHEALs is a group of conservatistic individualists.
-- The opposition party taken around by the SHEALs is too childish and vulgar.

 The SHEALs was dissolved. Dissolving itself is their free, but they does not avoid the criticism of the irresponsibility. Because, by the opposition party joint struggle that they recommended, or as a catalyst, the opposition force retreated and enabled the conservatives to get more than two-thirds seats in the Diet (the House of Councilors). In other words, the SHEALs' recomendation helped the victory of the reaction group, and, as a result, the Abe Administration & its supporting groups got the power to submit a constitution revision. It revealed that we could not push aside Abe, nor open up the course of the fight without accomplishing the coherent resolute fight against the Abenomics and militarism of the Abe Administration.

[Editorial]: The National Security Act is now in the practice stage
-- Disregarding the powerless repulsion of the petit bourgeois political party
The ultimate dole-out politics -- The basic income system is the worst illusion of the citizen's group.
[From the workers' fights, from our fights]
Even if the Democratic Progressive Party and the Japan Communist Party form a united front, they cannot win at all. -- The Democratic Progressive Party as the second Liberal Democratic Party, the Japan Communist Party as the second Democratic Progressive Party

No.1282/Aug.14, 2016
The Japanese Emperor Akihito's hypocritical "words"
-- With unconstitutionality and protection of their special privilege and profit

 On Augst 8th, 2016, the Emperor announced so-called "words" on the problem of "antemortem abdication" about himself. We don't know whether it is suggested stratagem of somebody of the cabinet minister of the Abe Administration or the words of the government official of the Imperial Household Agency, but some sentences apparently don't seem his own words of the Emperor. And if all words comes from the Emperor himself, the Emperor is asked the crime of unconstitutionality in several folds of meanings and must be condemned. Because such remarks of the Emperor are "political remarks" necessarily or have the momentum, and they betray the constitutional rule to forbid such a behavior to the Emperor strictly, and to have to remain in the position of the simple "symbol".

[Editorial]: The Japan Communist Party flirts with Abe. -- The "hinky" relations with the Self-Defense Forces
To gain the representatives from workers' group -- Let's participate in the seminar, and let's argue thoroughly.
With revealing no concept and ignorance even now -- "Is deflation only bad?"

No.1281/July.31, 2016
The conversion to a financial expansion policy
-- The "different dimension" policy by Abe and Kuroda is also exhausted.

 Abe won in the Upper House election and got the Diet power that could propose the Constitution revision in the House of Councilors. As far as the relations with the New Komeito over the Constitution Article 9 is concerned, it is not easy. But now he is able to break through the difficult first step called the constitution revision proposal. However, Abe hides his own ambition and he goes on for the achievement of the Abenomics, in saying that he is not fulfilling his wish. Why ? What is the intention of Abe ? Where will the conversion in the economic policy of Abe lead the Abe Administration and Japanese economy & politics ?

[Editorial]: "Constitutionalism" of the Japan Communist Party and the citizen group -- It was overriding "war criminal " of the defeat in the Upper House election
If you regard the Emperor as "a human being", you should abolish the Emperor system of Japan immediately -- The Constitution prescribes the Emperor as something equal to "a flag"("symbol").

No.1280/July.17, 2016
The DPP & JCP who lost naturally to lose.
-- They were defeated politically, and in additon, they were failed by the opposition party joint struggle.

 On the Upper House election fought for 18 days from the notification on June 22 to the election eve on July 10, the bourgeois power, the reactionary power led by the LDP and the Komeito occupied higher than two-thirds including the member of the Diet of the non-reelection, and it was over for their landslide victory. Though Abe appealed that it was election to ask the right or wrong, the validity and legitimacy of Abenomics, the Constitution and the security lows ware not "issue", but the support of the qualified voter for Abenomics was only 20% or 30%. The fact that the LDP & the Komeito scored an emphatic victory and the DPP & JCP were defeated in the election held in above situation shows only the DPP & JCP were ruined themselves and not supported at all, and not that the Abe government won. This fact just reveals serious political decadence and the terminal symptom of "party politics" and the "democracy" system.

[Editorial]: Is the workers' liberation a talk of "afterworld"? -- The JCP is corrupted and transformed itself to the "religion political party"
The deception of the sovereign education = neutrality theory
The political ambition does not lead to realization. -- The "revised" Abenomics to destroy Japan

No.1279/July.3, 2016
The Democratic Progressive Party & Japan Communist Party are defeated without fighting
-- Avoiding the encounter against the Abenomics

 The Upper House election is reaching a final phase, but the landslide victory of large capital groups and reactionaries --The Liberal Democratic Party & Komeito plus Ishin and Kokoro(Heart)-- is expected, even though the Democratic Progressive Party and the Japan Communist Party successfuly should have established a perfect election system of "opposition party joint struggle" -- according to the fools of the JCP, "the joint struggle of opposition parties and persons of principle of citizen" --.
 When the contradiction of the capitalism deepens, and a policy of the Abe Administration, in other words, Abenomics is already exposing failure, and begins to return to the terrible result symbolized by the sudden fall of the stock prices and rapid strong yen, and when a crisis of the financial failure and social security deepens, and their failure and dismantling are becoming the reaity, even when the competition and contradiction of the capital intensify, and exploitation of workers and the life suppression to workers are strengthened more and more, and 20 million workers, that is to say, 40% of working people, especially the majority of working women fall into the non-regular workers group, and the life destruction of the workers advance rapidly, why do the LDP & the New Komeito and the reactionary group will overwhelm in this election? Why can such a thing happen? Should it be allowed?

[Editorial]: The symbol of the fall of the Communist Party -- About the Kagawa electoral district
After criticizing itself -- "Shields" has disappeared
The EU secession of the U.K. -- Does it lead to a course for the new world crisis?
[From the workers' fights, from our fights]:
The fight for six years won -- All the members of 290 limited term employees turn to the indefinite employment

No.1278/June.19, 2016
An appeal to the readers.
Sublating the fight of the Marxist Comrades Group 13 years. -- We decided to rebuild a Workers' Party and to re-challenge national election.

 Dear the Readers of "the Petrel"!
 We decided to put an end to the circle-like activity of the Marxist Comrades Group for 13 years since 2003 and to develop it for the future, to rebuild a Workers' Party again, and to return and rechallenge to the national election struggle -- the assembly struggle in the Diet in the future -- in the Marxist Comrades Group twelfth convention in March tand May. At first, we want to talk about why we made such a decision, and what is the significance, how is our resolution.

The reality of the opposition parties' joint struggle. -- It shall result in the outcome to betray the qualified voters.
What are the true problems of the Upper House election? -- Re-postponement of consumption tax increase and political parties' relinquishment of beleif

No.1277/May.22, 2016
"The helicopter money" is already reality.
-- Abe bets on "increasing public spending".
-- G7 "international coordination" of the bitter enemies in the same boat.

 Abe raises sense of impending crisis for the Upper House election of July. Because he feels palpably that the real situation does not let victory optimistically (still less expects victory securing two-thirds seat in the ruling party) though he maintains the approval rating helped by the asininity and nonsense of opposition parties. The negative interest rate policy said to be a trump of the Kuroda monetary easing brought strong yen and fall of the stock prices against will, and was not able to carry out the Bank of Japan monetary easing in April expected by "market". What was the Abe Administration for 3 years and the economic policy of Kuroda Bank of Japan on earth? It was only a temporary stimulus to economic activities, a thing such as drug, an empty threat, and after all, was it not whether zero or minus like the fallen interest rate? Such distrust and doubts as above are overflowing now in the public.

[Editorial]: Falling into an insubstantial political amphitheater -- As for the policy and the tax increase postponement, the ruling and opposition parties insist peacefully?
[Special feature]: The Hiroshima visit of Obama
 ・Hiroshima visit of Obama -- Though Abe is delight -- "Amiocability of Japan and the U.S." on the issue of atomic bomb is an illusion.
 ・For "Legacy" and "foil pickles?" -- Why does Obama go to Hiroshima?
After two years from weapon export removal of the ban -- "The high tuition" on Australia submarine order
A personality attacks to Marx in TV Asahi "failure teachers"

No.1276/May.8, 2016
The unserious opposition parties' joint struggle
-- No momentum even in single-seat constituencies
-- Party interests & party maneuverings are bare in the multiseat constituencies

 On the central May Day rally in the Zenrouren(National Federation of labor unions), Shii made a defiant gesture, saying that "tumble the LDP&Komeitou and their supplement groups from the power" by carring out the joint struggle with the Democratic Progressive Party even in the House of Representatives single-member electorate districts. He nurses delusions that he can sweep away the Abe government by "the tactics" of such cheap tricks ahead of the Upper House election without still building the preparation for good joint struggle. He is only a canary without singing a song (fights and principle of fights). Thus, "the unified front" with the DPP and the citizen's group that Shii is staging desperately really remain in a powerless thing without shape.

[Editorial]: The postponement or enforcement of the consumption tax increase ? -- Abe suffering like Hamlet
A fuss about the Constitution of opposition parties in the unified front
-- The nation is also historical existence
-- Anachronism of the constitutionalists
Donald Trump is becoming to a presidential candidate of the Republican Party -- Gaining power of the nationalism and the racism

No.1275/April.24, 2016
The powerless illusion of citizen principle
-- Adding two, but it isn't becoming two
-- "Joint struggle" of a half bourgeois party and the small bourgeois sect party.

 It enters into a full-scale fight with a by-election of Hokkaido as a start until the Upper House election for three months. However, not only the support and expectation to the Democratic Progressive Party do not swell at all, but there is only a bored atmosphere. It is not because the people expect for the Abe Administration positively, and not because Abenomics and monetary easing of the Bank of Japan are supported either. Rather, it is that in spite of the mask of such a thing completely coming off. Let alone the bourgeoisie and the workers in the opposite poles, the "middle class" and the petit bourgeois class that should be the support power of the Democratic Progressive Party originally cannot get away from un inveterate distrust and sense of disillusionment for this party after experienced three years of the Democratic Party government.

[Editorial]: Stop the sense of victimization and self-righteousness. -- For what does Obama visit Hiroshima?
A rebellion of the bank capital
-- Unavoidable failure of the finance and monetary
-- The negative interest rate is a death knell of Kuroda Bank of Japan.
Do you relieve capital by wage increase? -- Let's graduate from the trendy commonplace opinion.
Like a kind of oval gold coin to a cat, and/or casting pearls before swine. -- The Japan Communist Party and "The Capital" by Karl Marx

No.1274/April.10, 2016
Where does the Democratic Progressive Party changed the dress go to?
-- It's the same as the Democratic Party, and its content is empty.
-- It consists of several groups and is in disharmony even with concerted groups.

 On March 27, the Democratic Party performed change of dress, jointly with Matsuno Ishin party and changed itself to the Democratic Progressive Party. Of course, there's no difference in essence. The Ishin group that joined the Democratic Party once resisted the Noda government which was going to raise the consumption tax together with the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito, just returned to the Democratic Party. The new party could only raise on its new platform the abstract ineffectual enpty phrase like "freedom", "symbiosis" and "the responsibility to the future" that are almost meaningless. It's sure that such party has no "future".

[Editorial]: Suffering of Hamlet Okada -- Agree or disagree with raising the consumption tax?
Coming to the final point!? -- A frantic policy with the financial monetary composition -- The financial expansion of the different dimension plus the monetary easing of the different dimension
Advocate the slogan of all discrimination abolition and "abolition of the wage system" highly! -- "The equal wage for equal labor" is a set phrase to conceal the exploitation.
Daring pioneer fights for 17 years -- All of election struggles of the Marxism Labour Union and the Socailst Workers Party

No.1273/March.27, 2016
The screening result of high school textbooks
-- The vulgar interventions to inject the thoughts of government by the vulgar screening officials.

 The screening result of high school textbooks to be used from the next spring was announced. The basic characteristic of the screening is that the textbook should be reflected the thoughts of government, that is, just the government-designated textbook is fair, and the situation of nationalists came out to the surface more and more. Of course, such tendency existed as an undercurrent until now, but Abe has begun to force such an official screening as a government policy.

[Editorial]: "A new stage" of the Japanese "imperialism" -- The PKO in South Sudan and the enforcement of the Security Legislations.
Why is it bad by "illicit union?" -- The DP/JCP and the citizen's group which deepen decadence -- The liberalism media justifing the illicit union
The base-up rate is reduced to half against expectation. -- The failing Abenomics also on the wage increase line
The way where the workers fight became clear.
-- A report on the seminar of the workers in Kansai
I was forced to think in wide perspective. -- "Though I was angry only against the Security Legislations"
/ A seminar participated woman

No.1272/March.13, 2016
Abe declared to make a constitutional amendment during his term of office.
-- "The opposition party joint struggle" is ridiculed.
-- Abe plots simultaneous elections for the House of Councilors and House of Representatives aiming at two-thirds acquisition of the Diet seats.

 Abe declared that "I want to accomplish a constitution revision for my term in office" in his statement of the Diet on March 2. Even if he did not talk about the content, but he declared openly an intention to revise the constitution Article 9, and convert Japan to "the normal" nation (of course it is a bourgeois nation, a class state) holding the armed forces. Of course, Japan already changed itself to such a bourgeois nation a long time ago. A practical change is "evolution" from "reinterpretation of the Constitution" to "clear provision revision of the Constitution", but its meaning is not so small. Because it will be the declaration and the starting point appearing as a brutal militarism, a great power of the imperialism, namely a disliked nation by workers and working people all over the world.

[Editorial]: Appearance of the world of the negative interest rate
-- A abandoned policy in desperation by capitalists
The Japan Communist Party has no intention to fight. -- They abandoned their own course and bow the knee to the Democratic Party. -- "The supporters of the current Constitution" are driven to the brink of collapse.
"The foreign apprentices" are used and thrown away. -- In the corner of shortage of workers and the immigration clampdown
Storm-force winds of Trump -- Nationalism and xenophobia gain power
100 million total activity is a dream within dreams

No.1271/Feb.28, 2016
The Kuroda monetary easing policy to lose sanity
-- Without any merit to the workers
-- A negative interest rate not to appeal "even to mind"

 The collapse of stock prices and the overproduction are actualized worldwide -- this is the collapse of credit and is an explosion of the contradiction of bourgeoisie and every disproportion which accumulated in "the real economy" --, and it seems that the times of crisis of capitalism, equal to at the time of the Lehman shock are going to begin. The failure of Abenomics is the part, it is no other than that the bell of failure, the death knell of that the world bourgeoisie after the Lehman shock adopted the financial finance expansion policy, in particular the "one of a different dimension" easy-money policy, to coped with just the crisis called the Lehman shock competitively is resounding.

[Editorial]: The Upper House election strategy of Shii coming to naught -- Whereto the abolishment of "the security lows" and "the cabinet decision"?
The failing current care system -- Agonized care workers -- The true "social nature" of care is with a community principle.
The Japan Communist Party and the Self-Defense Forces and the Constitution -- What is consistent is only "the petit bourgeois nationalism."

No.1270/Feb.14, 2016
Abe mentioned even the Article 9 revision of the Constitution.
--The powerless Democratic Party of the defeatist mood
--The politics of the Japan Communist Party and the citizen group are in the sectarianism out of focus.

 Abe restarts and strengthens the maneuver of the Constitution change for the worse from the beginning of this year. Being conscious of the Democratic Party and the Japan Communist Party knowing neither the fighting contents nor the fighting method, he criticizes "it is a thought stopping by thinking that you must not lay one finger on the Constitution", "the LDP is not so and showed a revised draft", and even provokes the Democratic Party as saying "please put foward" a revised draft by themselves. Abe, previously, took the Article 96 revision that prescribs "the revised procedure" as a approachable constitutional amendment of high possibility, such as, so to speak, avoiding a head-on collision, but, as is expected, it was criticised as "perversion" even in the LDP, so he has put it away in a storehouse. However, Abe draws the plan to build in the Constitution "an emergency article" declared in the reform bill of the LDP this time last year, and emphasized it after entering this year, but recently, begins to talk about the revision of the Article 9 openly, which is an original purpose. It seems that he is blowing up his ambition to go for a big decisive battle by forcing the both Houses' same time election in this summer with the constitutional Article 9 change for the worse as a "cause."

[Editorial]: Sum up the nuclear plant accident anew. -- What was talked about in "the Accident Prevention Study Meeting."
The self-abandoned negative interest rate -- The terminal of Abenomics -- The Kuroda monetary easing polcy of ackamaraka is going to bankruptcy.

No.1269/Jan.31, 2016
The administrative policy speech as a "Abenomyth"
--dishonesty, hoax and mirage
-- Only to say, or to make empty promises, it's a walk in the park

 The "administrative policy" speech of Abe on January 22 revealed that the Abenomics means now Abenomyth, in other words, Abe's hoax or irresponsible comments. In the first place, Abe's slogan, the "100 million total activity" society has no contents, and is meaningless statement. If Abe says that the 100 million people do not make "activity" lively, and so many people are in impoverished state, it is the responsibility of the Abe government and the Liberal Democratic Party. The truth is that the Abe government and its false economic policy called Abenomics cornered the life and labor of tens of millions of wage earners and agonized 20 million irregular workers daily without future prospects, and brought millions of workers impoverished. Abe only can play a trick on workers by a utopia fantasy of "Abenomyth" without any such reflection.

[Editorial]: The failing election tactics of Shii -- The "security law disposal" and "the cabinet decision" lack focus
The global stock plunge -- The collapse of the inflated economy began
Expansion of the right to vote to 18 years old and over -- What is the full-fledged "member" of the society?
It turns the eyes away from the existence as "the sex slave" -- The so-called comfort women theory of Pak Yu-ha

No.1268/Jan.17, 2016
Can you fight in an association of opposition parties and citizen groups?
-- The breakthrough is a fight against Abe without compromise.
-- Stop flattering independent voters and citizen groups.

 The fight for the Upper House election and the preparations for the front and organization system for the fight begin to be pushed forward. However, the present conditions let us expect the wretched and decisive defeat of the opposition camp. Because the natural agreement of the opposition parties is "the principle of citizen", and is the fight by citizen's principles, the fight the persons of principle of citizen push forward with grasping hegemony.

[Editorial]: The intensifying conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia -- The Islamic world deepening confusion.
Abe's match pomp style is wholly wrong. -- the responsibility that made the issue of comfort women complicated -- He brandishes "the irreversibility" of the problem at this time.
"The anti-austerity" is a "dangerous drug" -- The one-year political struggle of Greece and its lesson
The assembly members of the Japan Communist Party attended at the Diet opening ceremony. -- They were enchanted by the blessed "words" of the Emperor.

No.1267/Dec.27, 2015
The beginning of turbulence of the world economy
-- Monetary easing or tight-money policy?
-- The bourgeois world that contradicts it, and is divided

 On December 16, FRB (the Federal Reserve Board), the central bank of the USA, decided that it stopped a pillar of the easy-money policies that has been performed since the Lehman shock, a zero-interest-rate policy as it announced previously and raised "policy rate" to 0.25%. FRB had decided the stop of a financial quantitative easing plan, namely, buying of the public bonds and spending money from October, 2014. J.L.Yellen, FRB chairperson told that it canceled monetary easing policy as a whole, that is to say, the expansion policy that has been carried out really for nearly ten years and would step toward the "finance normalization" carefully "calmly" in future. She said that FRB will continue to raise the policy rate by 1% in a year until reaching approximately 3.5%. But it is one necessity to turn back to the monetary easing or a financial expansion policy in a moment if economic conditions turn worse.

[Editorial]: "The honeymoon" of the Japan Communist Party and the citizen group -- The fight of the workers continues retreating
The independent candidate is good ? -- In the fight of the Hokkaido House of Representatives by-election -- We ask the "unified front" tactics of the Shii
The Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito going for the Populism -- In the struggle for power over the reduction tax rate
The Hayashi Report/
The useless and unfruitful idealism -- About the Shii's design of nation union government
Seminar of workers No.8 -- It uncovered the corruption of the Japan Communist Party

No.1266/Dec.13, 2015
The magma is just before explosion now.
-- The economic contradiction and disproportion are accumulated.
-- Abenomics coming to a deadlock and fail.

 It may come to be said that the "economism populism" is also the patent which Abe loves together with the national defense populism and nationalistic populism. He spreads amiability and does not mind even to spread money at the same time to bourgeoisie and workers and petit bourgeoisie, and besides even to downfallen class, parasite class, that is to say, to all class and statum. It is just as good as ex-Hitler. Abe promises the "reduction of corporation taxes" and price hike and weak yen and TPP, that is, market expansion and increase of demand and inflation economy and a cleanup for the big company on one hand, and on the other, guarantees the employment and wage increases for the workers, and guarantees the protection of the small management and the high-price of farm products for the farmers, and for the persons without income and the poor persons, gives an "Imperial bounty" of 30,000 yen for their life security gratefully. However, those dole-out policies that contradict mutually, the "effects" and the merits oppose and offset are cannot but arrive at the financial and economical decisive failure after all.

[Editorial]: The Emperor, stop "the trip of memorial service". -- It is a profanity, an insult for the millions of dead people.
Is it a policy for "raising wage?" -- Abe feigns "Abenomics".
Divinizing the nominal GDP -- Growing emptier Abe "economics"
The dole-out policy of 30,000 yen ahead of the Upper House election -- A vulgar people buying-out policy by public funds
[special feature]: Thinking about "the national union government"
・At last at the time of failure and conversion -- The declaration of "getting into the cabinet doctrine" and "geverning party doctrine" of Shii
・Learning from the experiences of alliance governments -- The history and Stalinism
The government still clings to "Monju." -- The Abe Administration postponing the problem

No.1265/Nov.29, 2015
Bourgeois imperialism and Islam terrorism
-- The bourgeois world stands paralyzed and the Islam is in despair

 The whole world shudders and stands petrified with fear because of the terrorism carried out in the name of IS (Islamic State). The bourgeois world - -therefore Hollande, Obama, Abe, and even Putin-- can't understand nor explain why the tragedy happenned.. They all only shout that they don't permit barbarian, brutal terrorism" an should crush hateful terrorists. Stalinists of the Japan Communist Party like Shii do the same thing. Europe, America and Japanese bourgeoisie and bourgeois "communist" insist that the struggle of anti-terrorism is the fight for such as noble "idea", that is to say, the sense of values such as "freedom, equality, the philanthropism", the root of the modern society. However, their appeal is just a deception. Because workers and working people all over the world can easily confirm that the fight of those countries against the Islamic fundamentalist is for bourgeois rule, rule of the large capital and a fight to defend the imperialism world.

[Editorial]: How do we overcome terrorism? -- The Japan Communist Party follows the bourgeois imperialism
"The public pledge" of 2% of inflation rate is on the shelf. -- Abe and Kuroda falsify the reality -- "The decision" of the inflation rate is up to the Bank of Japan
It should be forgotten if they leave it, but... -- Korean prosecution indicted Pak Yu-ha without arrest
Actual voices of the soldiers of Japan which fought in the battlefields -- Reading the book, "Lost Soldiers"

No.1264/Nov.15, 2015
It was a mere meeting as bitter enemies in the same boat, not a close acquaintance.
-- Japan, China and South Korea summit meeting
-- Is there "the future" by shelving "the past"?

 In early November, the summit meeting of three countries of Japan, China and South Korea, which was stopped and delayed for three and a half years, was held and agreed to "improve" "the relations" that split finely each other in future. In addition, they agreed to "accelerate" the FTA (free trade agreement) negotiations of three countries specifically. Between Japan and Korea, it was declared that they made an effort for reaching "agreements as early as possible " (Abe) such as "comfort woman" problems. However, in the other, there is the big conflict of interest between Japan and China aiming at the hegemony of Asia, and China and Korea is opposed to Japan on "the historical issue" keenly. Pak cannot get on the self-satisfaction of Abe easily, who insists to forget the past and let's see the future, no matter how much Abe emphasizes "future intention".

[Editorial]: TPP and the agropolitics of parapraxis -- Toward the decline more, not agricultural development
Did Japan abandon "antinuclear line"? -- It is offended from both the U.S. and Britain, China and Russia. -- The petit bourgeois pacifism and antinuclear principles to go bankrupt
About so-called "value move theory" -- Reexamination of "the exploitation theory" by the capital
The seminar of the workers/
The distributive law of the socialism was cleared based on the concept of value rule.

No.1263/Nov.1, 2015
Useless resistance of "Abe of the economy"
-- A overstated GDP fantasy of 600 trillion yen
-- The bad politics of "the controlled economy" began

 Abe who was reelected as the President of the LDP carried out the reshuffle and burns an ambition to maintain the government in at least another three year. However, the achievement of his ambition is not at all a flat way. Because he drived the nationalism by the new security bills, and was going to raise centripetal force of the bourgeoisie and the petit bourgeoisie, but his plots did not necessarily succeed. In addition, Abe was going to survive by switch from "politics to economy" to revive the stained approval rating, but, in the "economy", he couldn't present anything remarkable, nor magnificent dreams -- e.g., such as "the income doubling plan" of Ikeda in 1960 -- which stirred the fantasy of the nation. And now it seems that he is going to plan the realization of "new three arrows" by intervening in "economy" more and more directly.

[Editorial]: Acts of the imperialism, seeing from both sides -- Radicalizing the U.S. and China collision in the Spratly Islands
An initial public offering of the postal administration stock -- The farce of privatization continues -- Ignoring the life and the future of the workers
"The transferring theory" is unnecessary to a distributive law of the socialism -- For the society in which people "freely work with joy, and take goods as necessary"

No.1262/Oct.18, 2015
Free trade in the world, protective trade in Japan
-- "The growth" by TPP is a dream within a dream
-- It is also an opportunity of the conflict intensification of imperialism.

 The negotiation of TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) reached an agreement and Abe boasts of "having been able to get the best result as far as the national interest by securing the exception of custom duty abolition on the important items such as rice, beef and pork", "I maintained the pledge to protect the tariff of five items of farm products firmly". However, the Abe Administration was forced many concessions under the pressure of the United States, that is, TPP is a trial of trade liberalization without "sanctuary", so any exception could not be accepted. Therefore, the Abe Administration couldn't but accept much liberalization even in the "important" farm products. Thus, the Abe Administration must play double character as that they attire themselves in thier best to be faithful to international coordination pushing forward the liberalization of farm products for the foreign country and must pretend to protect "national interests" by preventing the liberalization virtually for the country.

[Editorial]: The political struggle around the US base in Okinawa -- The development of the imperialism brings about a revolt of the whole nation.
Where does China go for? -- Under the pressure of the actualizing overproduction.
What is "commodity" as the basis of "capital"? -- Approaching to the core of "the commodity theory"
A word from the author/
A milestone of our theoretical exploration.

No.1261/Oct.4, 2015
A trickery from "politics to economy"
-- Seeking help from opposition parties and liberal groups
-- Abe survived and started a new maneuver.

 Learning from the experiences of the security treaty struggle in 1960 and the later politics, Abe is going to pursue the ambition for recovery of the centripetal force and to lengthen the government term, by repairing his own authority and power hurt by the enforcement of the new security bills, and by dissembling a switch from "the politics to economy". However, if we watch the current world situation and a stage of "the economy" of Japan, we can easily estimate what kind of trace of the second-version Abenomics will follow. It's almost sure that the new Abenomics will be fatal to the Abe Administration if we consider the wretched reality of the old Abenomics. The fights such as demonstrations against the security bills were basically powerless fights led by petit bourgeois and liberal groups. But a new struggle against the Abe government and its politics will develop as the class struggle of the workers more and more, and we must fight for the purpose.

[Editorial]: There is not a loach under the willow -- The second stage of the Abenomics
One word from the seminar reporter -- For the most delightful and interesting seminar
Now the fight for "abolition of the security laws"? -- Stupidity of "the current political problem" of the Japan Communist Party

No.1260/Sep.20, 2015
"The security legislation" means the start to the military power.
-- The Administration cannot prove even the "constitutionality".
-- They hide an ambition to nationalism under the name of "self-defense".

 Over the security bills that the Abe Administration submitted, that is byzantine and not actual, rather more nor less a product of idea devised only their heads, the whole of the Diet and "nation" played a busy tempest. However, the problem was and should have been reduced to the next two simple stories basically. Namely,the first, whether the security bills are unconstitutionality or not, and the second, whether they can be accepted seeing from a realistic point of view even if it cannot be justified judging from the constitutional text. However, the imperialistic and nationalistic ambition of Abe was combined with the ambition to power, it confused the problem, let the thread of the discussion and the political struggle entwined complicatedly, so it becomes difficult even to disentangle it now. Even if the security bills would be temporarily passed, the two basic problems remain unsolved basically. In other words, the central issue called Japanese "nation defense" for the bourgeoisie and nationalist group, it is similar again for the petit bourgeois group including the Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party, is remain in confusion even among them. "The common bourgeois nation" that the Abe group and the reactionaries say (or the utopia nation of "democracy and pacifism", the "healthy" bourgeois nation that the Japanese Communist Party says,) is yet a far-off way.

[Editorial]: There are various countries in the world. -- Proper Merkel and good-for-nothing Abe.
Don't be proud of individualism. -- They do not know even "the royal road" of "the franchise". -- The powerless fight of citizen group and the Japanese Communist Party.
The revision of the Temporary Staffing Services Law. -- How did the Japanese Communist Party fight against it?
After increasing taxes, reducing taxes? -- Stop the consumption tax increase instead of doing such things.
Our evaluation of Shouinn Yoshida -- "Historical" critique instead of the right-or-wrong-discussion
From a reader/
I'm convinced for the positioning called imperialistic aggression.

No.1259/Sep.6, 2015
Don't be deceived as a "motherland-defense" war
-- The class character of the war Abe is plotting
-- When the Japan Communist Party and others abandon "antiwar & peace"

 It is becoming clear more and more that the security bills (the system) of the Abe Administration don't mean "protecting Japan" or "protecting Japanese", but mean realizing the ambition of nationalism and the imperialism of the Abe governmenteven "even in questions and answers" in the House of Councilors. The replies of the Abe Administration are ideological and external. The more concletely they talk, the more visible the confusion and the contradiction are. It is becoming vague for what on earth the security bills are.

[Editorial]: Is there really a escape route? -- Deepning financial crisis & fiscall crisis worldwide
A debt-laden nation on the verge -- The "different dimension" policy is a way to ruin -- The government continues to borrow without thinking repayment
Maturating "Crisis in China" -- Amazing proximity with Japan
The bill prohibiting hate speech was postponed. -- The LDP & the Komeito objected under the cloak of "freedom of speech"
Tragedies of the new school term -- The prescription of School refusal and suicide
The Self-Defense Forces's live-ammunition drill in east Fuji exercise area -- Assuming the Senkaku Islands

No.1258/Aug.23, 2015
The "apology" refusing declaration of Abe
-- The cause of the complication is just on Abe.
-- Stop the kind of behaviors being demanded "apology".

 Abe wrapped own faith and "historical view" in wafer, hid his real intention and announced "statement" "to give all people satisfy widely". If he followed the past Murayama statement faithfully, new statement could not be necessary at all, and it was apparent that the reputation from much "public opinion" of the world was more good. It was only for the ambition of the government life extension and conceit and desire for fame of Abe individual and the Abe Administration to have needed the statements of Abe daringly. It is just enough with that alone to confirm the trashiness and vulgarity of Abe statement. Abe was concerned to conciliate China and Korea and investigated their reaction by flattering them and spreading compliments. And the bourgeoisie and reactionary ruling class of China and Korea - the Xi Administration and the Paku Administration - would take no matter how conciliatory manner, such as the Abe statement is the minimum and worst stuff for the Japanese workers, so we can never allow to dress the Japanese "formal" situation by such a statement. The true character of the Abe statement is shown figuratively in his claim not to extend "apology" now. We take up this issue and clarify the reactionary and unsightly true character of the statement at first.

[Editorial]: Abe to self-division and personality collapse -- Sweeping away "the postwar system" or blind obedience to it
Running about in confusion for self-protection -- The maneuver and "betrayal" of the Emperor at the time of the defeat
An illusion to the 18 years old right to vote -- It cannot be a savior of the parliamentary democracy.
Why "the Shoukason private school" to be a world heritage -- the expectations of Abe for inheritance registration.

No.1257/Aug.9, 2015
The workers cannot fight by pacifism and the nationalism.
-- It is meaningless even if they insist unconstitutionality now.
-- The Japan Communist Party joining hands with Abe on the issue of Senkaku Islands

 While an ambition of the imperialism of the Abe Administration is strengthened more and more, the fight of opposition parties, namely the Democratic Party and the Japan Communist Party merely cry "war bills" or "pacifism", and fall into something which is no contents, empty, powerless, in other words, abstract, petit bourgeois-like and is decaying. They have shouted, "the Constitution is a fort of the peace" and still cry the same thing. However, as for "the peace Constitution", it already failed virtually in the 1950s and do not exist now. So, even if they raise such a slogan now, it is meaningless. What position workers and working people should stand on, and how we must fight-- that is the point we have to think about..

[Editorial]: A price hike "feeling of expectation" as a daydream -- it does not contribute to "an exit from deflation" at all.
The Diet talks becoming hollow more and more -- What does "defending a country" mean? -- The militaristic agitation of the Abe group goes unchallenged.
Thinking about non-regular labor/It isn't even a course to a regular staff.
-- "Definite term employment agreement" illusion of petite bourgeois parties and liberal groups
I was moved at some points. -- Reading "the report summary" of the seminar

No.1256/July.26, 2015
Counterattack to the imperialistic maneuver of Abe!
-- We cannot fight on the ground of "homeland defense".
-- Just "the right of individual self-defense" is "unconstitutional."

 The security bills passed the House of Representatives, and it's approvement is considered to be sure because of the article for 60 days. The stupid and ignorant mass medias and "public opinion" fanned by them are absorbed in worthless discussions like "the discussion advanced" or not yet advanced. However, the issue is following, the Japanese "security" cannot be secured and guaranteed, and rather will only return to a still confused incoherent thing, one chaos, granted that such laws which its interpretation and use is groundless, half-done, troublesome, and is harmful, was passed. And, in the ultimate end, a "wrong" great war to lead Japan to fatal ruin again might be waiting. We must stop the dangerous playing with fire promptly by sweeping away the Abe power.

[Editorial]: Another failure of the Abe Administration -- Though it set up the Supreme Court Sunagawa judgment as the banner of the government.
Valuable experiences of Greece -- The lax financial policy that provoked the crisis -- The failure of Tsipras and the "reformists" in the world
The "accounting faud" case of TOSHIBA -- The dreadful corruption and decadence of bourgeoisie
We discussed the fight exceeding the level of "reformists" -- A report on the fourth seminar (Kansai).
Learning from the experiences of the Weimar Republic -- It could not develop the powerful class struggle.

No.1255/July.12, 2015
Abe agitated that Tokyo would become "a sea of flames"
-- A dangerous provoker, Abe
-- Being asked about the "existence crisis situation"

 In the Diet, "a theology debate" over the constituonality of the new security treaty bills continues, but the 99% of those debates are nonsense chattering. When the Self-Defense Forces were established in 1954 virtually as the Japanese armed forces, people admited that the SDF was constitutional. Now, they argue that the military activity of the SDF is constitutional in Japan, but is unconstitutional abroad. But those arguments are completely nonsense. ...... If a right of individual self-defense is constitutional, it is natural that the right to collective self-defense is constitutional, too. So, the debate about essential difference between them is empty and worthless. And the problem is that Abe and others insist that outrageous opinions in sequence. We cannot overlook them at all. Their insistence is much more important than empty arguments such as the right to collective self-defense, and it is a real problem.

[Editorial]: Okinawa rebels against the Abe Administration -- Sublate the "principle of Okinawa-citizen-first" for a class struggle!
Where does Greece go to? -- Thipras bets on "the referendum" -- Merkel can't easily compromise
Wandering ghost of "the negative interest rate" -- Inviting the capitalsim to "death".

No.1254/June.28, 2015
The glaring ambition of the imperialistic big power
-- The empty "theological arguments".
-- What is the right of "collective self-defense" of mighty nations, Japan and the United States?

 The empty "theological arguments" whether the security bill and the right to collective self-defense (use) are constitutional or unconstitutional continues as ever in the Diet. Petit bourgeois party (the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party), the liberals, the "left" medias, the "constitutionalist", and others say in unison that the use of the right to collective self-defense is not permitted, and is unconstitutional. However, are they able to say, and what kind of meaning does it have to say that "the right to collective self-defense", in other words, to fight for "the defense" of the own country with allying and cooperating mutually, coping and opposing to mighty nations and imperialistic nations, of nation -- in particular, small and weak nation -- is not permitted generally? They cannot argue a single word against such an issue.

[Editorial]: Fusses about finance reform -- Approaching inflation, footsteps of financial failure
The rebound to dwarfish improvement (regulation reinforcement) by the Democratic Party Gavernment -- The whole of the dispatched workers are in a difficult situation. -- A hypocritical revision of the Temporary Staffing Services Law.
Is the hydrogen society a "dreamy" paradise? -- Bourgeoisie dream of secular profit.

No.1253/June.14, 2015
Developing the imperialistic struggle
-- Now the Spratly Islands in the focus
-- Internationalism of workers is asked.

 The place that clarifies and symbolizes the development of the imperialism and the collision in our time is in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea which is located in the south of China and surrounded by Vietnam and Philippins. Though, in this sea area, territorial disputes have been repeated among the surrounding nations which include China and Taiwan, in recennt years, China appearing as a huge imperialist nation overwhelms other countries by power and develops a maneuver of open territory expansion. The U.S.A. which reacts sharply against the China's actions and has the sense of impending crisis cannot but start a confrontation with China as a leader of the existing world, and therefor also as the nation taking responsibility for "security" and "order" of the South China Sea. Against China, Japan also wants to take a hegemony and has serious interest for Asia. Therefore the Abe Administration is conscious of the Spratly Islands as coverage of the security legislation. "The Asian Security Council" held in the end of May also became a stage of imperialistic struggle between the U.S.A and China, and the both countries conflicted there strongly and criticized each other.

[Editorial]: A crack chaps in the strategy of Abe -- A counterattack of the "Super" nationalist group ?
Abe's illusion about the "economic growth" -- Only vacant rises of the stock prices and land prices
Is he a friend of the workers? -- The wonderful "social reform measures" of Piketty
A degassing role for the Abe criticism -- A fake "aggression" acceptance idea

No.1252/May.31, 2015
Against what and how should we fight now?
-- The security legislation is a breakthrough to the imperialism.
-- Overthrow the Abe Administration by the public struggle of the workers.

 As the Japanese bourgeoisie are transforming into the imperialistic bourgeoisie, the bankruptcy of petit bourgeois political parties is revealed in practical and on thought in a moment. This is because the times when the objective condition that they were able to exist is lost now came. The simple abstract appeal as "to keep peace" is powerless and is losing any practical meaning in front of the development of the imperialism. We confirm the bankruptcy of the Japan Communist Party and must clarify the way of the fight of the workers' political party unlike the petit bourgeois political party, therefore the class-conscious workers.

[Editorial]: The maneuver of the Abe Administration in the NPT Conference was failed by being caught out of the ulterior motive.
The problem submission to the Seminar of Workers/
What "the security legislation" means. -- Japan also to be "an imperialist nation" -- The rule of capital became a target of direct overthrow.
An introduction of the 3rd Seminar of Workers/
There were also various discussions, but this time only the introduction of opinions.

No.1251/May.17, 2015
"The security treaty legislation" really means amending the Constitution!
-- Becoming "a world police officer" is Abe's ambition.
-- Japan comes up as an imperialist nation with China.

 The Abe Administration adopted the Constitution interpretation at the cabinet meeting in the last summer, in which the government insisted that it is possible to use the right to collective self-defense even under the current Constitution. And now, the government is trying to revise the Japan- U.S.A. security guidelines again and is going to enact the bills of the "security treaty legislation" to realize such a "super law" in the current Diet session early. The Abe Administration is trying to establish several bills, or is going to revise low-ranking laws that are against the Constitution in order to realize Abe's intent or wish. After all, such politics means to force domestic and foreign reaction politics, "decision by force" politics of the militarism without considering the Constitution and laws. Japan also is going to appear as a inperialist nation and compete against China and other "new" bourgeois imperialism under the union with U.S.A.

[Editorial]: The security treaty legislation and the Japanese Communist Party -- JCP is disarming workers by stereotyped phrases.
"Imposition" Constitution theory of the Abe group failed. -- In fact, the Constitution was adopted in the Diet with ananimity except the JCP -- The problem is the historical and class character of the Constitution.
Description of half life of "the pioneer" of the feminism/
Chizuko Ueno who advocated the theory that "housework has labor value" theory -- Both Ueno herself and the feminist movement has deteriorated.

No.1250/May.3, 2015
From the security treaty alliance to the "offensive and defensive alliance."
-- Japan has grew to the imperialist nation both in name and in reality.
-- The capitalist class still can't to find outlook.

 Taking advantage of Abe's visit to the United States, the bond of the Japan and the U.S. alliance which continued from 1952 was strengthened drastically and it also changed qualitatively, appeared as true "offensive and defensive alliance". The postwar Japan-U.S. alliance took form of U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, but after having passed through "the revision" in 1960, the United States basically undertook "Japanese defense" one-sidedly and not the alliance relations that were reciprocal and equal at all for cross-national relations, that is, Japan was a kind of protected country by U.S. It just now accomplished a big switch almost without the Japanese nation and the United States nation being aware of the significance. What kind of influence and meaning does it bring for the fate of the Japanese working class near future on earth? It is a problem.

[Editorial]: The revision of th Japan-U.S. security cooperation guidelines -- As if they are quite unconcerned about both the Constitution and the rule of law principle.
Where does the stock prices 20,000 yen leave for? -- If it plunges, the fate of the Abe Administration will run out.
Economics of Amari/
Does he consider the medium and small-sized business workers? -- A sympathy to the weaks? or a demagogy of the fascio?
It is utterly impossible how does Abe try to be "a good boy". -- Abe's remarks in U.S. exposing shame

No.1249/April.19, 2015
"Wicked" power intervention to education
-- In fact, the "government-designated textbook" during the 15 year-war has been already introduced
-- The Abe Administration forces "inclination textbooks" on junior high students by screening textbooks

 The official screening result of junior high student textbooks which will be used from the next April was announced. The Abe Administration showed the attitude in which textbooks should be written along the opinion of the government openly and revealed its vulgar true character. They have criticized "an inclination" of the education, and attacked "the political nature" so far, but they just led the "inclination" education and appeared as the champion. Apart from the checking if the post-war education was "inclination one" or not -- if so, the meaning of "inclinations" should be asked --, but "the biased education" that is now appearing is "the biased education" that ruled over the Japanese education community, in other words, the terribly dangerous and true "biased education" until Japanese Emperor system of Japan militarism was defeated in 1945. That type of education might guide the nation to the fascism and reaction war in which multimillion people of Japan were driven to the death.

[Editorial]: The trickery of "the base load power supply" -- Don't be confused by the magic of number.
Abe vs. Kuroda -- Both men began to shift the resposibility each other
Fiction of the wage increase = "good circulation of the economy" -- The false wage increase that cannot cover the price hike
The Change of the Labor Standards Act for the worse for exploitation reinforcement -- The "overtime work charges zero" bill and expansion of "the discretion work system"
[The course on Marxist economis theory (2)]
The evaluation of the "exchange inflation" concept -- The relation between the fall of the exchange rate and the inflation
Let's join in our bill-handout activity on the May Day

No.1248/April.5, 2015
A perfect defeat of Abe Japan.
-- The big turning point of history has come.
-- Many nations of the world have gathered under the Chinese flag.

 The participating nations to AIIB (The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) which remained in 27 countries until the U.K. participated on March 12 swelled to 47 countries by "the deadline" of the end of the month. The politicians and bourgeoisie of the U.S. and Japan were still "taking an optimistic view" at the time of British participation and cursing British heretical thought. However,the main European countries including the nation of the G7, such as Germany, France, and Italy, expressed participation in succession, and as the movement spreads to by Australia, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Korea and South American large country Brazil, they were astonished and lost color, terribly flustered and became speechless. Only the U.S. and Japan were left behind, and were even in danger of standing alone in the world, needless tosay, from Asian region. The Abe strategy which regards China with hostility and absolutizes the "alliance" with the U. S., and was going to aim at to one end of the Asian and world hegemony backed by it, defeated and breaked down perfectly, and the failure and collapse of the Abe group are absolutely clear in the area of "defense, diplomacy", too.

[Editorial]: The Emperor must stop to visit to Palau. -- There are't true "sprits to comemorate" there.
Inflation is already several percent. -- People's level of living is worse and falling rapidly. -- The dole-out policy continues, the price hike is drummed up.
Is the understanding of "invation" a subjective problem? -- The "invation concept" of Chiyoko Hasegawa, one of the Abe group.
The second seminar of the workers was held. -- We promised ourselves the cleanout of the Abe Administration.

No.1247/March.22, 2015
Toward the post-amending-world without amending the Constitution
-- Military campaign fetishism without the brake
-- Abe Administration's prots to use the armed force all over the world in the name of "self-defense"

 The discussion between the LDP and the Komeito about the security legislation that continued slowly finally reached the final stage. In the process, the argument in confusion showed a bit clear outline. It became clear that both the aim and task of the Abe Government are to enlarge the military activity of the Self-Defense Forces,that is to say the Japanese armed forces, in the field of every international "activity" under all the excuses and reasons. Actually, they forgot "the defense of Japan" or "peace of Japan" and didn't argued seriously about them. There isn't such a thing at all in the heart of Takamura and Kitagawa.

[Editorial]: Arrogance of the Abe Administration -- They regard the "burden and sacrifice" of Okinawa as a natural thing
The sword of Damocles -- The time when the uncertain balance is losing
Farce of "the government-led wage increase" -- Joint struggle of the government, capitalists, corrupt labor union leaders and the JCP
Abusing the skill training system -- A labor crunch solution of Abe Administration
"The 60 Security Treaty" generalization by the Abe group -- They treat the idealism of the JCP and the liberalists with contempt

No.1246/March.8, 2015
Hiding the imperialistic ambition
-- "The country shining in the center of the world"
-- Abe's national view of nostalgia for good old days and narcism

 What is Abe's national image about Japan? On earth, what does Abe think about, and what illusion does he have about Japan's course, or saying more exactly, does he think where he is able to take Japan to, with anachronistic screaming as "Japan shining in the center of the world "? This is never slight matter for the workers. Because this is not a little related to the future fate of the workers.

[Editorial]: Diet speech of Shii -- He does not know what are minor details and what are core elements.
The new statement of Abe is useless and harmful. -- It just loses all the popularity from the world. -- It shelves the prewar days and beautifies the postwar period one-sidedly.
The trickery of the "continuous wage increase" idea -- It is only the follow-up of inflation.
[The course on Marxist economis theory (1)]
An illusion about "a virtuous cycle of economy" -- Inflation/deflation is distinct from price hike/fall.

No.1245/Feb.22, 2015
"Security legislation" maneuvers are strengthened.
-- The Abe Administration overinterprets even their "cabinet decision".
-- They plot to change the ODA into military aid.

 Seven months passed from the cabinet decision about the "use" of the right to collective self-defense since last July. Deciding details of the contents of the security related bills which are the important problems in the current Diet session has begun betweem the LDP and the Koumei Party. In the process, the Abe Administration ignores the Constitutional text, its spirit of the Constitution, and ignores or gives a broad interpretation even "the cabinet decision" of the last year promptly. These facts reveals that the Administration is going to behave as it wants. The Abe Administration tramples not only the Constitution, but also even limitations of the right to collective self-defense "use" that the Administration decided, and contrives to become the military power by accumulating the accomplished facts in sequence.

[Editorial]: The Abe Administration conceals its real intention by shelving the Constitution Article 9 revision -- Its "road map" toward the constitutional amendment
Prime Minister Abe's policy statement about "the economic revitalization" -- A false "virtuous cycle argument" -- Every government in the world follows a dole-out policy by expanding its money-supply and finance
Even in the agriculture, "a false advertising" -- Abe should dismantle agricultural cooperative organizations if he advocates to promote "competition"
"Upgrade talking about morality to a subject" attack by Abe -- "Brainwashing" children is not possible by nationalism.

No.1244/Feb.8, 2015
Condemn the responsibility that the hostage was killed
-- An ending of Abe's "imperialistic line"
-- The sin that he has been carried away by the right to collective self-defense "use"

 Free-lance journalist Kenji Goto was killed by "Islam radicals" which called itself an Islamic state. Abe announced an unashamed and hysteic statements as the prime minister of one country and performed agitation for dragging Japan into a maelstrom of the world imperialism politics with bringing up it into an autocratic militarism country. He said, "it is unjust and abject extremely", "feel strong anger", "an unforgivable reckless action", "criticize decidedly". And finally, he ends it by an another terrorism declaration as "never forgive terrorists" of vulgar feelings full exposure. He spreads the remarks of the level of fights between late tribes as we cannot but execute Goto's revenge on the terrorists and cross out them because they are "enemies" and "incarnations of the devil" as somebody said. Do Abe and others assume themselves as "incarnations of God" or "incarnations of the good" though the Islamic state is "incarnation of the devils"? It is not a joke at all.

[Editorial]: For what is the easy-money policy? -- The precious "secret" that Mr. bourgeois leaks.
EU crisis to recur -- The hostility between North and South intensifies, too. -- Greece, relief or secession?
What is "the history war" of the reaction group? (2)
-- Feared by the association between China and Korea in one of the "main battlefield" United States
"Sorrow" of Hakuho -- "The national sport" Sumo community in the crisis of dismantling

No.1243/Jan.25, 2015
The failure of the Abenomics was revealed.
-- They run about in utter confusion with the fall of oil prices.
-- Did the achievement of 2%-inflation fall into a crunch?

 One economic phenomenon that revealed the nonsense and absurdity of Abenomics occurred recently. It is the fact called the dramatic international fall of oil prices -- as for the cause and the meaning of the fall, we don't consider here -- and the Abe group is driven into the situation where they don't know to evaluate or to bother their heads about this reality. The fall of the oil prices that appeared like disaster suddenly became a valuable experience which revealed that the Abenomics failed completely and this theory was just a childish trickery or a jargon.

[Editorial]: The finance reform "cosmetic" budget -- The financial expansion is concealed by the tax increases such as consumption taxes.
We cannot see "the ground" of the Democratic Party -- In the DP, two groups, "reformist" and "conservative" are in the same boat -- The "reconstruction"of the DP" is hopeless even by Okada
What is "the history war" of the reaction group? (1)
-- The fights without prospects in the "history recognition"
The modern "religious war" -- The religion of Islam and the "religion" of bourgeoisie

No.1242/Jan.11, 2015
The failure of the Abenomics is near.
-- Let's smash the ambition of long-term government!
-- It has brought in 2015 of the unlucky direction for Abe.

 This year is a crucial year for Abe. If he wins a clear-cut victory even in the House of Councilors' election in the next year, and the ruling party secures two-thirds seat in the House of Councilors, the prospects will open both the long-term government and the Constitution change for the worse as a realistic problem. However, if he trips and fails in the politics and economy conclusively for this one year, even the ambition of the long-term government will become in danger.
 Therefore the problem is when the unavoidable dramatic failure of the Abenomics will realize, and what will happen to "the history recognition" of Abe, that is, whether Abe can continue behaving as "a good child" with still shelving his reactionary thought, finish it without failing conclusively again at this point.

[Editorial]: Sex slaves and military slaves -- The issue of so-called confort women of the Korean
A seminar was held by the issue of constitution
-- A fight against Abe's maneuver began
A wage increase request by Abe and Kuroda -- If they would be anxious about the life of working people, buckle to encourage wage increase without rasing inflation.
Trickery of assert of the right of collective self-defense -- They justify the military campaign in the name of the international contribution.
Poor "economics" of Piketty -- Is the asset taxation better than inflation?
A sermon of liberalism -- The "de-order thought" idea of "Mainichi"(the Every Day News)

No.1241/Dec.21, 2014
The Liberal Democratic Party stealed 60% of seats by the vote of 18% of qualified voters
--In the poll, the persons who wanted Abe to leave immediately reached 32%
--"The parliamentary democracy" completely died.

The result of the general election seemed to end in a landslide victory of the Abe's Liberal Democratic Party. However, it really means nothing but the defeat of Abe and the nonconfidence to the Abe Administration. The share of the vote of the LDP remained to approximately a one-third of the voters, and only one of six persons supported the Abe's LDP. If there are not unfairness such as the single-member electorate system, election system of the inequity election and the struggle among the political parties is performed fairly and freely under "the deregulation" in which we can join, it is doubtful whether even 10% support was gotten. It is clear that such an election and its result are real farce and falsehood. We can't recognise such a false victory of Abe's LDP and declared that the Abe Administration is the illegal government and really "a tyrant". It's clear that the "parliamentary" democracy in Japan is dead in fact. It's the time that we should concentrate in a fight to overthrow the illegal and tyrannical Administration.

[Editorial]: The priority is the abolition of single-seat election constituencies and deposit system -- "Go to vote" campaign is hypocritical.
They weren't able to fight with "the counterproposal" -- The complete defeat of the Democratic Party and the pseudo-victory of the Japan Communist Party
How should the workers fight? -- Arrogant Abe declared to change the Cconstitution for the worse.

No.1240/Dec.7, 2014
Oust Abe via no-confidence vote in this election!
-- Don't permit the misgovernment (Abenomics)- concealing- election.
-- The "policis" and "a huge variety of issues" are not problems.

Abe is plotting the life extension of the government this time by using the same trickery two years ago, but working people can never permit such a maneuver. This opportunity when Abe came out to an all-or-nothing game is just a good opportunity to sweep away the Abe Administration and will be the golden opportunity that Heaven gave us. You must not let the mean maneuver of Abe work. Because the fate of the nation, "the peace" , "the life" and "the future" of the workers hang there if we exaggerate it a little. It is the time when the workers concentrate the anger and should crush the Abe Administration now. The questioned issue objectively is not already the confidence of Abenomics nor the validity of the policy of this and that of Abe. The problem of this election is only to pose nonconfidence to the Abe Administration itself.

[Editorial]: Real wages are reduced by price hikes. -- The theoretical magic of Abenomics has failed.
Powerless "constitutionalism" groups(2)
-- Does "the Constitution constrain a country"?

No.1239/Nov.23, 2014
Have a hold on Abe!
-- Both obsession with the power and Machiavellism
-- The general election only for disguising the collapse of Abenomics

Abe came out to the reckless action of the general election suddenly. Why do we call it "a reckless action"? Because this general election has no legitimacy nor a good cause, but is performed only by Abe's desire for power. In addition, there is no gain for the country and the nation. Because Abe calculated that he would not defeat --even though he couldn't win -- now, he decided to implement the general election. He thought he would be able to get the majority in the election, and maintain the power at least for next two or three years,; but he feared, if the true chalacter of the Abenomics would appear, his government would be driven into gradual decline and a lame duck and lose the position of the President of the Liberal Democratic Party and therefor the prime ministership.

[Editorial]: "The fiscal fitness" is reduced to a pie in the sky
-- Japan is becoming a state like Greece
Let's participate in the seminar about the Constitution problem -- What is the practical task of working people?
Powerless "constitutionalism" groups(1)
-- Does "the Constitution constrain a country"?
-- Strengthenning Abe's maneuvers for "Constitutional order" destruction
Smashed both the discharge and the transferring to a different department -- A report of the fight from the medical care workplace

No.1238/Nov.9, 2014
Abe and Kuroda is making a beeline for the "wrong way".
-- Unbridled "additional" credit and financial expansion
-- The economy, the finance and the life go into insane disorders.

Kuroda, the Governer of the Bank of Japan shouted that we lost all we had gaind and the past effort came to nothing if economic conditions went to the aggravation, and decided new "additional relaxation". It is from his deepening sense of impending crisis, because the inflationary dole-out policy does not achieve enough results and rather shows even an aspect of stagnation and retreat. The Abe Administration also yells for a new subsidy hurriedly as if only the monetary policy is jug-handled and the effect is limited, so "new economic measures" -- financial dole-out policy -- is indispensability, too. Where on earth are they going to lead Japan?

[Editorial]: A failed "reproduction energy" policy -- The purchase refusal of the photovoltaic generation
The "rule-of-low principle" of Xi Jinping -- It's similar to the government monopolizing of Abe -- The historic and realistic contents and meaning of "the rule-of-low principle"
A dogma and an extreme opportunism -- The Temporary Labor Law and the Communist Party of Japan-- They appeal that "dispatch working" must be temporary in principle.
The empire ruins sometime. -- Reading the book, "An empire setting in"

No.1236-37/Oct.19, 2014
The struggle of the Hong Kong "democracy group"
-- Seized with a illusion of "the universal suffrage"
-- The prospect lies beyond the struggle for only Hong Kong, only for democratization

The "democratization" struggle in Hong Kong is reaching the peak. At first, this fight won't be "self-sufficient", nor conclude in Hong Kong geographically, and never succeed if not tied to the struggle of the whole China. Furthermore, the "democratization" struggle, namely the struggle for nocking down the autocratic government of the China Communist Party and sweeping it away isn't "self-sufficient" nor conplete as "democratization" struggle. Their struggle will become empty and decadent promptly, if it doesn't advance beyond the limit and does'nt develop to the struggle against the rule of capitalists, in other words workers' class struggle, dare to say so called "permanent revolution" by trotskist.

[Editorial]: The illusion of Abe about "the society where women shine"
-- It is impossible if the whole workers "don't shine".
The 11th Convention of the Marxist Comrades Group pledged to "counterattack" -- We reconfirmed the significance of MCG's struggle -- Furthermore make a practice, publicize, and organize!
How is "the distribution" in the socialism accomplished? -- "The value rule" problem of the consumption means -- The parting with the "value transference" dogma is the key to get "a solution"
Though "Government-Union-Employee Meeting" was reopened, -- "The wage increase recommendation" idea of Abe has begun to be evaded
The rule of the MCG
The "sexual harassment" report about the Korean President
-- The Asahi Shimbun followed the "freedom of speech" idea of right-wing groups and abandoned the fight to them

No.1234/Sep.14, 2014
The Islamic Nation and the position of the working class
-- Obama declared the destruction of the Islamic Nation
-- The United States can't get down the position of "the world police officer"

In the Middle East, a furious ghost ("armed nation") called "the Islamic Nation" appeared suddenly. Judging from the "sense of values" of Europe and America, it is mysterious and incomprehensible. Obama decided the fight against it and declared, "We will annihilate the Islamic Nation" at the beginning of this month. The power which made up the Islamic Nation is a group of "the fundamentalism", but in the root there are repulsion and hatreds against the rule of the "European and American" capitalism, in other words the world big capitalists. However, their fights aren't right. Rather they are reactionary and totally different from the fight of the world working class, and have nothing which we can support.

[Editorial]: Did "the negative interest rate" become colonized? -- A sign of the collapse of "the finance law"
If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both -- The reduction of the corporation tax is an ultimate irresponsible policy.
The limits of the Yoshida testimony -- It's not beyond the viewpoint of the big electricity capital.
A fight over the publication of the result of the national achievement test -- The prefectural governor and the Minister of Educaion, Culture, Sports, and Thechnology are the same breed.

No.1233/Sep.7, 2014
"More flattery and less honesty"
--Spreading the bad smell of fascism
--The cabinet reshuffle is a bad maneuver for the power concentration.

Abe performed "the cabinet reshuffle", and Amari who remained in office as the Economic Revitalization Minister told about the significance as "it is necessary to increase driving force toward problem solutions by injecting new energy". It is a remark of arrogance itself as if the Abe Administration continues "eternally". Though the intention of this reshuffle is to strengthen power, to harden the system of the Abe autocracy, and to take firm control of the Liberal Democratic Party, and to take many members of the Diet in the government, but the problem is that such power reinforcement and energy concentration are for what, and where to turn. Though Abe says flattering things and repeats the remark to expect in the future, but if the saying is the "fair words" of little substance and "servile looks" to keep up appearances, it is outstanding only that there is not "honesty".

[Editorial]: A false "pledge" of "observance" to the world -- The Abe group makes a fuss over the Kouno Statement disposal
The 2015 budget is swelling, too. -- The dole out politics is getting extra boost.
"The labor shortage" that occurred suddenly -- On the other hand, the "sweating system" of workers' exploitation.
The Yoshida Testimony coming into the open/
-- Distrust and anger to the head office of Touden(Tokyo Electiric Company) and the Kan Administration -- Some serious facts of the crisis momentary

No.1232/Aug.24, 2014
Japan is reduced to the hypocritical nation
--"The end of the war" memorial day for Abe and the Emperor
--They told:, "there is prosperity on sacrifice" without any scruple

The 69th "memorial day" of defeat of Japan came over. But the words that the Emperor and Abe group spoke in "the ceremony" provided by the authorities are insubstantial fixed expressions having no truth, facts and faithfulness, and are only the false ineffectual empty phrases that are intended to deceive the nation. Such remarks of the rulers that take the national center and rules the people, are deceptive words covering Japan of these days as a whole, and we cannot but say that Japan became the worst hypocritical nation now.

[Editorial]: Neither practical nor historic significance -- Only empty slogan: "National Srategy Special Zone" design
The battle over the sex slave problem -- A self-criticism of the Asahi Shimbun and a slander of the Sankei Shimbun
The haphazard policy not to be able to find "exit" -- monetary easing of "the different dimension" coming to a deadlock
Revealing the insubstantial nature of "national income" idea by reproduction schemes -- No concept of the modern bourgeoisie and ideological decadence

No.1231/Aug.10, 2014
Privailing idealism, subjectivism
--"Abenomics" coming to a deadlock
-- The“mind structure" is same as the military authorities in Emperor system of Japan

There are triumphing people who draw the conclusion of self-praise that Japan has overcome the deflation of longtime chronic disease now, but it is a boon of "the monetary easing" that was "Abenomics" and the core policy. As a representative of such people, we will take up a characteristic opinion of Mr. "Touli(peach and damson)", a writer of "Daiki-shouki"(Big Chance and Small Chance) of Nikkei Shimbun (June 14 issue). As for him, the Japanese economy got rid of deflation now, the stock prices soared, and enjoyed the business boom, that is, the companies got profit in high gear, the wage also rose (as 1% nominal wage up both in rank-and-file employees and part-time employees), the number of the employees also continued increasing, the unemployment rate decreased to 3.6%, and in addition, the number of suicides decrease surprisingly as many as 10%; so he says it is just the "de-deflation" phenomenon itself.

[Editorial]: It is not a problem of anti-Japan or pro-Japan. -- The workers respect facts and truth.
Ultimate no concept -- The "national economy" idea is defective merchandise. -- The mystery of "gross capital formation" and "fixed capital natural decrease"
[From a reader]: My understanding of the nonproductive labor advanceed -- By participating in the seminar
The false pension corporation "reform" by Abe -- "Mobilize the financial reserve of the fund for stock prices increase"

No.1230/July.27, 2014
The Abe Administration masking its true character behind a false signboard
--Japan transformed into the "defensive" imperialism
--With the slogan of "the democracy" and "the rule of law"

The conservative and reactionary group once was disillusioned by its hesitation, cowardice and weakening of the first Abe Administration and was disgusted with Abe's "betrayal", and finally changed its position to Abe criticism. However, they are fuddled with the "powerful" victory of Abe and his progress now and praise him and see him as a hero. They are enchanted by Abe's bold kicking about Japanese "one nation pacifism" and "fantastic pacifism" after the WWII, and by "the fact" that Japan is going to play a role as the UltraMan of the justice, and Japan appears as a big global country again. In addition, they even shed tears of the delight because they think Japan will play an important role in the world in order to realize "the democracy", "the peace", "the rule of law" and "the order".

[Editorial]: After all, toward the power generation re-operation -- All gets back together happily
The "national economy" theory of the capitalist group falls into an error -- they count "the fixed capital" in the income -- they cannot even distinguish "the capital" and "the income"
Does he want to say "shoot a horse" at first ? -- An inconsistent "care labor theory" of Mr. O

No.1229/July.13, 2014
Two "dictators" approaching immediately
--Whereabouts of the abduction issue
--The national crimes of Japan and North Korea

 The abduction issue has begun to move rapidly. The Abe Administration is blazing away as if it was the success of its own way and own outstanding job, but it is clear that the real opportunity does not belong to Japan, but belong to North Korea. The Kim Jong-un group is going to be neglected from China, and the economy is declining and dismantling by the heavy load of the raging military autocracy system. Therefore it is drivened to the last ditch where the whole of the nation may starve to death, so it is reached at the last moment where there is no way to expect to the Japanese Abe Government now.

[Editorial]: Women and the "economic growth" strategy -- It is not the issue of elite women courtesy.
The hypocrisy of the liberals and the Communist Party avoiding the essential problem -- "The Constitution interpretation" by the power is consistent from the beginning. -- Why do they not begin with the criticism of "the right of individual self-defense" ?
[A voice from a reader]: Thinking in the Community Medicine and the Care Promotion Law
"Three saints" of the Asahi Shimbun recommendation? -- Empty chattering of intellectuals

No.1228/Jun.29, 2014
Abe as the modern Raskolnikov
--All are depending on "the Government's interpretation"
--An arbitrary "military operation" goes unchallenged

 "An agreement" with the Komeito was accomplished, and the ambition of Abe, that is to say, the legalization of the right to collective self-defense "use" was realized. It is to say the new Japanese history that Japan's military force-- Abe and other nationalists believe that Japan is one of the strong large countries in the world -- "works" in foreign countries and the world without the direct "defense" of Japan begins in the world. However, various limitations and restrictions are imposed on contents of "the use", and virtually make little difference with "the use" of the conventional right of individual self-defense. So, the true "crisis" and the real "risks" lie rther in that Abe brags "the government can interpret the Constitution freely."

[Editorial]: "The saving" is evil, and "the investment" is good? -- The advice of bourgeoisie is unnecessary
The New Education Committee System begins in the next fiscal year -- It concentrates authority on the chiefs of local governments -- Prevailing "political intervention" and the anarchism
Picking at a thicket and take out a snake -- The Kohno Statement inspection by Abe ended in failure
Finishing the serial novel -- No intention to write a love and romance

No.1227/Jun.15, 2014
Abe fully exposes the true character of a power enthusiast & war enthusiast.
--The Japan Communist Party cannot fight against the Abe group.
--Abe plots the cabinet decision of the right to collective self-defense forcingly.

 The maneuver of the Abe group for the militarism, the imperialism nation, the reaction nation is strengthened with the right to collective self-defense "use" acceptance campaign rapidly. They lie in wait for the "cabinet decision" of the right to collective self-defense with fully exposing the true character of power enthusiast, military (war) enthusiast. Abe says, "it is not the time to be able to keep peace only by one country" with a triumphant air flourishingly, but the thing that Abe says is only meaningless truth because there were few cases "protecting peace only by one country, by one nation" even if watching the history of the human. Rather it is just the problem that there are much more historic experiences that we could not "save the peace" even if many countries gather, --e.g., in the form of such as the United Nations or the League of Nations, or the alliance or associations of the nations of this and that--, and just this truth must be asked in the present age. However it never occurs at all that the reason of Abe is inferior to the position of the liberals and the Japan Communist Party shouting that they can save peace "only by Japan or only by some one countries" --it is a logical necessity that their assertion cannot but arrive there. Rather it is just the problem that the grounds of the logic and the positions of the liberals and the JCP are feeble and are helping Abe group, and not reveal, corner, and fight against Abe at all.

[Editorial]: Oh, 3.2% of the price hike! -- The Abe Administration who became the ringleader of the evil
EU facing the minus interest rate -- though evading the quantitative easing -- The capitalism becoming to non-capitalism
"Liberalization" of the mixed medical treatment/
The illusion of "the growth policy" -- The real intention is for the benefit of the capital.
[Voices of Readers]: The reduction of the acute-care ward -- The side effects to the workers
Falsehood characteristics of the GDP idea -- What is the difference of the concept of Marx and Keynes?
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(154)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(62)

No.1226/Jun.1, 2014
The PKO activity and the position of the working class
--They are same as for the right of individual self-defense and the right to collective self-defense
--The formation of militaristic nation advancing behind the theology debate

 The report of the security treaty legislation round-table conference was publshed and talked about a type of the "restrictive" "use" of "the right of self-defense". The Report pointed out not only the response around the Senkaku Islands and the neighborhood or the situation not to lead to a military act in "the gray zone" including the wrongful conduct on high seas generally, but also gave some examples about the participation in underwater-mine-sweeping that "an action using armed force" or coping to a neighborhood emergency. Based on this report, the Liberal Democratic Party is goiung to aim at the agreement with the Komeito Party about the right to collective self-defense "use" problem. In brief, a set of the scheme means saving face of Komeito Party, and performing the ceremony to get its cooperation -- in other words, resignation -- with the Abe Administration. It's just a farce.

[Editorial]: Leading to overtime-work-charges-zero of the workers -- Is the capitalist group going to destroy all the workers?
Sweep away a "constitutionalism" illusion! -- Petit bourgeois-like powerless delusion -- Don't forget that the constitution slso "binds" "the nation"?
The ruling of the capital and foreign workers
-- In reversal, in the times of "the labor shortage"
Distributed handbills in The Peace Rally in Okinawa, May 15 -- The report from the MCG Okinawa Lodge
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(154)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(62)

No.1225/May.18, 2014
Which is the "country of close relations"?
--The "right to collective self-defense" idea of the Abe group
--They declare no-principled, irresponsible "use of armed force".

 The content of the report of the Anpo Housei Kon (the roudtable conference about legal base of security) which Abe made up became clear. Abe is going to adopt the right to collective self-defense "use" acceptance at the Cabinet meeting with such a menat as if winning an endorsement. The report pretends that the use of the right to collective self-defense do not deviate from the limit as "a peaceful nation" because it imposes 6 conditions on the use, however it does not limit the object country of the right to collective self-defense "use". Of course this is the same as what the Abe Administration insists on.

[Editorial]: The theology debate between the Abe group and the "reformist" group -- The Sunagawa judgment and the issue of right to collective self-defense
We impeach "the Morning Sun Newspaper"(Asahi Sinbun) beautifying the Emperor system of Japan! -- Again at the top of making taboo -- It continues endlessly the serialization of hymn to the Emperor system of Japan.
The "women-utilization" strategy of Abe -- The "brightness" of women is bound to disappear.
"Satan", "God", and "ordinary" -- A story of Hitler, the Emperor, and Tojo.
"The unnecessary interference" of Tamura, the Ministerof Health, Labour and Welfare -- The increase suggestion of pension pay-out age to 75 years old
It retrogresses to "the activity of women". -- Abe's proposition such as "free to hold baby in arms for three years"
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(153)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(61)

No.1224/May.4, 2014
President Obama visited to Japan, a draft and a crack have spread
-- The Abe Administration standing alone from the world
-- The militarism and the nationalism route are failing

 President Obama obliged to leave Japan without gaining any TPP agreement. In spite of a tagline of the reinforcement of the Japan-U.S. alliance, Obama was not able to gain the biggest result, and he was deeply "disappointed" in the Abe government once again. Obama's distrust of Abe Administration swelled more. That is clear from the first remarks in his Korea. His remarks are as follows: "I was shocked seriously by the issue of female sex slaves;" "We need to listen to the opinions of women (sex slaves) obediently, and must respect them". "Both Prime Minister Abe and the Japanese citizen should understand that they have to recognize the past with honesty and fairness." This isn't just one remark of the leader who directed "close" alliance relations until just before that, but is an outcome of the dissatisfaction for the Abe government and "a kind of spiteful remarks". Considerable stress seemed to pile up in Obama by the dealings of two days with the Abe school.

[Editorial]: Stop arbitrary "interpretation" of the Constitution -- If Abe preaches "legal power principle" to China
We handed out 30,000 pieces of handbills on May Day at 30 places in the country
Where do 600 "high-ranking officials" go? -- The Government Officials Act was passed -- The Abe group plots management and the rule of the government officials
At last toward "overtime work charges zero" -- How many damages do they want to give to workers?
The Nonsense of "joint struggle on one point " by Shii -- Are all the conservatives and the Liberal Democratic Party friends, too?
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(152)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(60)

No.1223/Apr.20, 2014
The Abe Administration declared "the utilization of labor force".
--Is "the lack of labor force" true?
--They turn to the severe exploitation of foreign workers.

 As is said following the public opinion changed from a little while ago. That is, economy was restored, and "supply-demand gap" dissolved, or a conventional demand gap is swept away in a moment, and rather demand exceeds supply, and short supply is actualized. Granted that it is the real nature of the capitalism, we are just surprised the extreme undiscipline and flippancy. And, with that, the serious "labor inadequacy" is talked in many industries, especially in the construction industy or in care jobs, and it is noisy that such as the tendency of women and elderly persons going start work increased or it is necessary to think more about "the utilization" of foreign workers. The essential thing of the capitalism, or the underlying inhuman thing of it is revealed in the way of speaking and the idea called "labor inadequacy" so and so, or "the lack of labor force".

[Editorial]: The "economic good circulation" illusion of Abe -- The difficulty of the bourgeoisie does not decrease by the wage increase.
The Abe's acceptance maneuver of the collective self-defense right -- It is inseparable from fascism-oriented politics. -- At where the constitutional arbitrary "interpretation" arrives?
[A voice of reader] : I suppose in the Diet demonstration of the citizen group.
An influential figure of bourgeois economics has begun to recommend not 2% but 4% of inflation. What does he think?
The truth of the comfort women's testimony -- What kind of "inspection" is necessary?
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(151)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(59)

No.1222/Apr.6, 2014
Nation plundering of additional 8 trillion yen
--Though the consumption tax was raised to 8%...
--The finance and the social security is running toward a course of aggravation.

 The consumption tax became 8% in April, and the annual nation burden increased 8 trillion yen. The government says that the whole of "the nation" bears it widely, but the workers and the working people engaging in productive labor carry it finally. We declares that this is the additional great plundering to the workers, and not for "the social security" nor for "the finance reform" that bourgeoisie say. The egoism of bourgeoisie and the barefaced impudence are growing and becoming awful and universal. Their fall and walkout are unavoidable.

[Editorial]: The emptiness of the theology debate -- The root of the issue of the collective self-defense right
One year of the Abenomics -- It was preoccupied with fanning "expectations" -- The empty fact was exposed, and it comming on to failure
Scheming the enclosure of the employee -- The intention of Uniqlo's plan "making non-regular employee to regular staff"
Irresponsible remarks of a certain bourgeois -- The GDP doesn't reduce in even the population decreasing?
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(150)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(58)

No.1221/Mar.23, 2014
The "wage increase = economic recovery" annual spring wage-up offensive of illusion
--A farce by politic, capital, and labor assent.
--It does not amount to price hike, a consumption tax increase either.

 The wage increase farce by the support of politic, capital, and labor, a thing named "the annual spring offensive" were over. The raise of wages of monthly basis 2 or 3 thousand yen (less than 1%) is realized in centering the big company showing "a good performance", and it seems as if Abenomics gives result smoothly, so the Abe fellows are rollicking so as "the good circulation of the economy" is enabled and the overcoming deflation is imminent in this. However, may they be pleased with such a thing? It is a cheap thing if success of Abenomics is guaranteed by a wage increase of only 2 or 3 thousand yen a month in a few big companies. If it is a congratulatory matter by such an economical shopping, it already teaches us only in this that so called Abenomics is a how flippant and cheap sham. It is impossible that such a wage increase contributes for "demand increase". Because the income of the workers is already decreased virtually by the price hike that has begun to advance rapidly.The substantial income reduction of the workers by the price hike has already reached 5% or 10%, and there are 3% of consumption tax increases again from next month. The wage increase like the tears of the sparrow can only take the significance virtually as that of filling a gap in pay cuts --which is not enough even in stopgap-- for the workers anymore. It is a fact that the bourgeois newspaper (Asahi Shimbun, March 11) cannot but say as follows. The reasons why the raise of wages continue there is the wage increase request from the government while the price hike continues, and the incoming consumption tax raise, and there is also an aim called "to protect the standard of living of the employee" (the Life public information).

[Editorial]: Stop the intervention to Crimea. -- Just the free will of inhabitants has a first priority.
The self-interested kindness of the Abe group -- The clerks of shameful big companies -- Pretending that the corporation tax reduction increases tax yields
Criticizing the ugly "Zaitokukai"(The citizen's group of not to permit the peculiar privilege of foreigners living in Japan) -- Let's crush the hate speech!
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(149)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(57)

No.1220/Mar.9, 2014
A genuine "biased education" twisting the truth begins
--With the watchword of the "masochistic view of history" cleanout
--"The history recognition" of the Abe group is unrelated to "the education"

 Horrifyingly, "the education" that hides the historic facts and truth from young boys and girls, and disort them openly is going to begin, or rather, has already begun. It is the same one essentially as "the education" carried out under the Emperor system of Japan military authorities and the governments, namely "the fascism style" education until the defeat in 1945. Of course, Japanese workers and working peaple decide firmly never to forgive nor to permit such a thing again.

[Editorial]: The future of the Abenomics --We cannot expect "the consumer-driven" economy at all.
Cart-off related litigations in China -- Defeats continued in the suits in Japan. -- Koreans also continue the similar fights.
Fantasies to bourgeois China -- A criticism about the China beautification article written by Keiji Ide
"The neutrality" of the education means a lot -- The idea of Abe and others stands on the extension line of "the two education laws".
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(148)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(56)

No.1219/Feb.23, 2014
As for interpreting the constitution, "it's me."
--Abe's autocracy declaration preempting for "the rule of law"

 Abe boasted in conjunction with the problem of "the use" of the right to collective self-defense, "The highest officer in the national politics is me. I take responsibility for the government statement, and, with that in mind, we receive the judge of the nation in elections. It is not the Director-General of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau to receive a judge. It's me." It was the opinion of the successive Liberal Democratic Party and reaction groups --say, all political parties-- and promoted this reason, made it in a dogma was Kakuei Tanaka --he bragged as "the number is all" and was absorbed in the rights and interests, and moneyed election--, Junnichiro Koizumi, and Ichiro Ozawa of the Democratic Party and disgusting district men of power as Hashimoto and others, and finally Abe appeared. In history, if the greatest villain who abused democracy in such a form was not Louis Bonaparte, it was Hitler. This was holy clade which they believed in. However, such frauds did not respect democracy and the parliamentary system, because they thought such a thing as merely a convenient system for power acquisition, and calculated it as a mean and a tool with utility value to be able to capture and occupy the power easily by even demagogy.

[Editorial]: At the time of failure of Abenomics -- The wage increase for the workers is a illusion.
Abe also plots "the rule of education " -- The education "to obey unfair rule" goes on steadily -- the Board of Education is also forced to go under the lower part engine of the reactionaries.
A sleazy armed force's hero story -- "Everlasting 0 (zero)" praising "suicide attack mind"
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(147)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(55)

No.1218/Feb.9, 2014
Strengthening the maneuver of the nuclear power generation re-operation
--The Tokyo Electric Power Co.,(TEPCO) and Abe Administration have no qualification to re-operate.
--Shameless imprudence without taking the responsibility of the casualty

 Now, the capitalist group (in particular, electricity capital, that is the TEPCO), the Abe Administration and the residents of "the atomic energy village" which became famous with the accident have begun to do as "they like" in the nuclear power generation problem. The re-operation, the continuation of the nuclear cycle, the export of nuclear power plants and the construction of new nuclear power plants and so on -- they are doing anything they want shamelessly, without reflection, in a lordly manner as if they had no responsibility at all that caused the casualty. In spite of the nuclear plant accident, all the group who held power and the influence of money, and should have taken responsibility for the nuclear plant accident covered wonderfully their own crime, deceived it, and did survive, as well as protected income such as their interests, positions and hundreds of millions yen with no hurt. Just the things symbolizing it are the shameless behaviors of managers of the TEPCO, bourgeois, and the Abe Administration.

[Editorial]: The annual trade balance was also a huge deficit -- The Abe Administration and its policy are responsible for the fact
The Abe Administration standing alone in the world -- The cause lies in the "constitution" of the government itself
The Abenomics's failing is clear. -- Where is "the good circulation" of the economy? -- Rather "a vicious circle" of the contradiction and the difficulty
The reaction offensive comes from "education" -- At first trying to broke down "the thought and the creed" of the workers
Vindication of moral cowardice by "famous" professors -- The NHK TV program "the Tokyo University's dispute" and the residents of ivory tower
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(146)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(54)

No.1217/Jan.26, 2014
Again the farcical "capital decisive battle"
--The combination of Hosokawa & Koizumi "stormed".
--Insubstantial three-way playoff between Masuzoe, Utsunomiya, and Hosokawa.

 Hosokawa ran for the governor of Tokyo election, and he surfaced as the most influential candidate opposing to Masuzoe who was supposed by the Liberal Democratic Party suddenly. And, as a result, he flicked out the power ghost and the candidate of the reactionaries as Higashikokubaru or Tamogami from a real fight, and have deglorified even Utsunomiya whom the Communist Party raised into the nonentity. The Liberal Democratic Party carried a second-rate politician such as Masuzoe whom they ever struck off and coveted a dream of ease as they can win with this, but they fall into a panic in a moment and deepen unrest.

[Editorial]: Taking away of the base is just "the right way." -- Abe can not dominate strongly over the United States because of the "history recognition" issue.
"A trade nation is shaking." -- The trade deficit expansion means a failure of Abenomics.
The Abe Administration fuelling wage increases -- Then, let loose color of the capital groups by a general strike.
The LDP and the reactionaries are maneuvering to "skewer" the education laws and ordinances. -- They appeal for driving the disimproved Fundamental Law of Education home.
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(145)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(53)

No.1216/Jan.12, 2014
Does Abe want to drive Japan into a world orphan again?
-- The Abe Administration pursueing Japan as the "third class" military power

 Abe played the hypocrite and spread amiability for bourgeois powers allover the world and caught them with toady and payoffs, and believed that all powers in the world -- only apart from China, South and North Korea -- supported and expected the Abe Government, and created "the international environment" where the world turned around Abe. However, such a illusion vanished instantly by Ave's visiting Yasukuni Shrine. And, the truth, that is to say, the reality that Abe might stand alone as a world orphan if Abe exposed his true character of own politics, was exposed. The crisis of the Abe Administration is serious, but such crisis really exists in the Abe Administration's true character itself.

[Editorial]: The Asahi Shimbun (news paper) began Abe criticism at this time -- Who supported "the politics to decide"?
Impeach Abe's visit to Yasukuni Shrine! -- His "history recognition" is hated in the world, too.
The Japan Communist Party and its criticism toward the visit to Yasukuni Shrine -- "History recognition" on the "Stalinism"
Opening of the end of the Kim dynasty -- The "reign of terror" is an outcome of the system crisis
The Abe Administration and the issue of Senkaku Islands -- In what kind of meaning can they claim "it is a peculiar territory of Japan"?
Was the Kouno Statement a "Japan-Korea collaboration"?
-- The reaction group's false propaganda that it was based on "the intention" of South Korea
[Novel/ Desiring for a fire from heaven(144)]:
Y. Forever shall not forget the person who said a thing(52)

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